With Chinese medicine we know that issues of the skin are more than skin deep. That imbalances in the internal environment can manifest on the exterior. And that if we focus solely on what is seen on the surface, we’ll miss the larger picture that is unfolding below.

In this conversation we explore dermatological conditions with an eye toward internal organ function, the emotions and how diagnosis can be easy but the treatment more difficult.

Listen in to the conversation on healthy skin from the inside out.


In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Time in China shows that you can learn to work quickly and see lots of people
  • Skin conditions often have an emotional component
  • High dose of tu fu ling can be helpful for acne on the back
  • Treating women with period issues and acne
  • The importance of setting patient’s expectations
  • Considering the size and type of scales
  • In some ways diagnosing skin diseases is easy, but treatment is more difficult
  • Paying attention to the lesions on the skin will tell you much of what you need to know
  • Why patients telling you their diagnosis is not helpful
  • Becoming fluent with herbs
  • Basics to watch for and inquire about when treating skin conditions

TCM is a wonderful medicine but it’s true, it is not always easy to explain the TCM theories to new patients. So it’s always good to try to keep it as simple as possible and explain it in a language that patients understand. By explaining clearly and avoiding alien concepts patients will find that it is easy to understand. You will find out that almost all patients will love acupuncture and are willing to drink Chinese herbal decoctions although they have never done it before.

Sabine Schmitz (MMed TCM, China)

I am a TCM practitioner based in Cologne, Germany. I am a graduate of the Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (ZCMU) in Hangzhou, China, where I majored in Chinese medical Dermatology.

I have been working in the medical field for about 25 years. This includes work in hospitals, laboratories, universities, research and so on – I never did something else. For me, it was always clear that I either want to work with patients or do medical research. Funnily enough, I did both for 15 years before I started my own TCM practice. However, I have always enjoyed traveling to Asia. Plus I wanted to learn a medicine, which is natural, proven and effective and that I could believe in. TCM was a logical result from this thinking process and so I began studying and later practicing TCM.

My particular interest in and the focus of my practice lies on Skin Diseases (Chinese Dermatology), Gynecological Disorders (Chinese Gynecology) and Fertility Treatment. I decided relatively early to specialize in Chinese Dermatology and Chinese Gynecology. This specialization gives me the chance to see the patients I want to see and to get better in both areas. Both fields fit perfectly well to each other. I mainly work with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. I just love what I do.


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