Qiological Live
Finishing the Battle: Clinical Perspectives on
the Treatment of Long Covid

Effective diagnosis in Ancient Chinese Medicine rests upon the clear appraisal of the nature and relative location of the struggle between vital and pathogenic forces. Like all battles, this unfolding is largely determined by the energetic terrain within the body where it takes place.

In this live session, we will examine key classical perspectives on infectious disease and the mechanisms behind the widespread development of ‘long Covid’. We will begin by reframing the patient’s presentation as a reflection of the strength of their vital energy and learn to work with the immune system in its ongoing attempt to restore integrity under the stress of a stubborn and highly pernicious pathogen.

Clear, clinically relevant information will be provided to help practitioners help their patients presenting with symptoms of Long Covid.

In this real time event we will discuss
  • Better understand the infectious nature of the SARS Covid-19 virus according to the traditional diagnostic models of the Six Phases and Three Burners
  • Make sense of seemingly unrelated symptoms of long Covid
  • Decide on an appropriate direction of treatment to work with the body’s immune response
  • Become familiar with basic herbs and strategies to encourage resolution and limit localized symptoms of inflammation

Event Fee $35, Length 2 Hours

You’ll have lifetime access to the recording of this Qiological Live seminar

Effective treatment relies upon the clear appraisal of the nature and relative location of the struggle between vital and pathogenic forces

Your Instructor For This Class

Bryan MacMahon

Bryan McMahon is a uniquely qualified clinical practitioner, scholar and instructor of Ancient Chinese medicine (ACM). Having spent 15 in Asia, he is one of only a handful of Western practitioners to have completed the five-year traditional medical program at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, entirely in Mandarin. Bryan has been blessed to study extensively with many highly accomplished practitioners, most notably as a long-term apprentice to Dr. Li Xin. Bryan relocated to beautiful Portland, OR in 2015, joining the faculty of the NUNM College of Classical Chinese Medicine.

He maintains a clinical practice focused on the treatment of complex and often otherwise unresponsive conditions, including auto-immune disease, women’s health issues and recalcitrant skin conditions.