I was extremely fortunate to discover my teacher's first book, Dragon Rises Red Bird Flies, in the first few weeks of starting acupuncture school over twenty years ago. It was the discovery of my life's work, and I have been fascinated to travel down the path that it laid out before me.  Shortly thereafter, at the suggestion of Dr. Robert Johns, I began studying Shen-Hammer pulse diagnosis with Brian LaForgia, and Dr. Leon Hammer.  Now it was as though I was tracing the Ariadne's thread into my own evolution with my very fingers.  It was through the incredible gift of making contact with patients' experiences that I began to seek a therapeutic system as profound, as deep, as sophisticated and as utterly beautiful as the pulse.  It was around that time that I heard the voice of Zhang Zhong-Jing whispering in my ear. And so I have devoted myself to seeking an understanding of the Shang Han Lun ever since.

What I have discovered in the Shang Han Lun is a means to understand that there is only one pathology in all of Chinese medicine.  One is either flowing with, or flowing against the unfolding of the numinous.  Through the interaction of stress and terrain, one can see how that stress interacts with the varied terrains of human experience, with the influence of various registers of time, embodied in space, and given direction.  All of my work involves attempting to join with the infinitely creative, self-regulating, autopoietic manifestation of Life in order to preserve Life, and alleviate suffering.

I do most of that in Portland Oregon, through my work at NUNM's College of Classical Chinese Medicine.