Bensky is a graduate of the Macau Institute of Chinese Medicine (Oriental Medicine Diploma, 1975), University of Michigan (B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature, 1978), Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine (Doctor of Osteopathy, 1982), University of Washington (M.A. in Classical Chinese, 1996), and Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medical Sciences (Ph.D. in Discussion of Cold Damage, 2006). He contributed to the translation and editing of Acupuncture: A Comprehensive Text, and to the compilation and translation of Chinese Herbal Medicine: Materia Medica and Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas & Strategies. Dan is a co-founder of Eastland Press (1981), where he serves as medical editor, and of the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine (1994). In 2008, he was awarded the Wang Dingyi Cup International Prize for contributions to Chinese medicine.

John O'Connor studied Chinese language and history at the University of Oregon (B.A., 1971), University of Illinois (M.A., 1977), Taiwan Normal University, and the University of Hong Kong. His collaboration with Dan Bensky on the translation and publication of Chinese medical books began during the course of their studies in Macau between 1973-75, and has continued with the founding of Eastland Press and the publication of Acupuncture: A Comprehensive Text in 1981. John serves as managing editor of Eastland Press, and is also an attorney (J.D., Loyola School of Law, 1980).