Chinese medicine has been a long passion of mine beginning with studies in herbal medicine 20 years ago. I completed my formal education in all branches of Chinese medicine in 2003 in both Canada and the PRC.

Numerous trips back and forth to China over the years with a focus in classical medicine has directed my path and I am now pursuing a PhD in classical herbal formulas at the Nanjing university of Chinese medicine under the guidance and mentorship of professor Huang Huang. Over the last 15 years I’ve had to shed old habits and relearn Chinese medicine through a classical lens. It’s my life’s work to bring this beautiful medicine to my patients and rekindle the classical wisdom through my translation work.

I feel it’s important to always approach new concepts and ideas with a beginners mind. It’s too easy to get caught up in the ego and it’s ultimately what restricts us in moving forward and beyond our own capabilities. With such a vast body of literature and history I truly feel that only when I reach my death bed that I’ll truly begin to understand.