More than 45 years of study and practice has led me to see acupuncture as a manual medicine. I combine refined palpation, movement, the meridian system, and the structural fascial matrix producing an integrative approach to mind/body wellness. I began this journey as an anthropologist studying martial arts body-mind education in Japan. After studying acupuncture in Beijing, Hong Kong and Hawaii throughout the 1980s, I studied structural acupuncture, SeiTai, Shinpo, and Sotai movement therapy in the 1990s. I then deepened my knowledge of Meridian therapy while bringing leading Meridian Therapy sensei to the US.

I started to put together the Koshi Balancing system with the support of Shudo Denmei in the early 2000s, and for the last 10 years have integrated Barral’s osteopathic Visceral Manipulation into hara abdominal work. Koshi Balancing is the culmination of my never-ending passion to deepen my holistic education while teaching acupuncturists and body workers to integrate manual medicine with the structural and visceral foundations of Traditional East Asian Medicine.