I learned about Daoist Philosophy, which includes the ancient science of Face Reading and the ancient art of Feng Shui, from my Chinese family, most specifically from my Grandmother, Mary Chien Lowe and from my uncles. I was taught in the apprenticeship method from the time I was 5 years old until I was in my early 20’s.  I actually thought that every family knew such things and when I discovered that it was not common, I decided to write a book about my family’s teachings. It took many years as I had to connect the things I learned in the holistic Chinese way with the Western need for details. My first book, Face Reading in Chinese Medicine came out in 2003 and the 2nd Edition was published in 2012.

I have spent many years traveling around the world teaching Face Reading and Facial Diagnosis to Doctors, Acupuncturists and other Health Practitioners at conferences and schools and  to Business Management teams. I have also taught and practiced Five Element Feng Shui, working with developers and individuals utilizing the principles of Daoist Design to enhance the “outer body” of homes and offices. In addition, I’ve read thousands of wonderful faces and enjoy helping people recognize more about who they are, what’s wonderful about them and where they can potentially go, and they can do in the world, which I call their Golden Path.  It makes me very happy to help people and encourage them to become their best selves and live their best lives.