I didn't set out to create a podcast show, in much the same way I didn't set out to learn acupuncture. Those were not decisions that came from a flash of inspiration or childhood longing, but more like how something at the periphery of your vision catches your attention. More like a hunch or decisive whisper.

Those hunches have lead me through learning acupuncture, acquiring enough Chinese to allow me to engage texts in their original language and share some of that with our community of practitioners. But most importantly have allowed me to be of service to patients who are not sure how they got to where they are, or where to go from there.

I guess you could say those hunches have helped me to find a set of maps that helps me to navigate in clinic and to trust the compass when there is no map. While I crave the certainty of answers, I'm more enlivened by the catalytic nature of questions—that’s what fuels this podcast.