After suffering from full body eczema all my younger life and then, having a TCM herbalist completely resolve it, I experienced firsthand how powerful it is to give someone their life back. It inspired me to learn TCM dermatology so I could help others.

Because skin diseases are visible and obvious, dermatology patients often can’t hide. They become self-conscious, depressed and may even isolate themselves to avoid strange looks, snide comments and constant misguided advice. Having lived this life, my approach to treatment is not just about prescribing the right combination of herbs but also, to provide the psychological support that helps patients find their confidence, self-esteem and sometimes their life’s direction, again.

When I watch my patients’ skin get better, I also get to watch the sparkle in their eyes return or I get to hear about how they’ve regained the courage to reenter and enjoy all aspects of their lives. There’s no better feeling than knowing something I learned or said helped someone have a better day or life. My patients remind me every day how TCM and its appreciation for the whole person really makes a difference in changing lives for the better.