I’ve been practicing Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for 28 years, and love the creativity that our brand of personalised medicine allows. For me each patient is a challenge and working out how to best address their particular problem is fascinating and rewarding.

I’ve had a particular interest in the Rehmannia family of formulas since college. I suspect this is pure projection, as I am a Kidney Yin/Liver Blood Xu/ Liver Qi Stasis type and have always identified strongly with Liu Wei Di Huang Wan and  Jia Wei Xiao Yao Sanas my kind of formulas. Hence my predilection for Qi Ju Di Huang Jia Wei Wan; and my satisfaction that variations on these themes are applicable to many people’s problems.

If I have a grain of clinical wisdom to impart, it is to remain flexible and adaptable in approaching each patient’s problem: a uniform approach will not work for everyone, and being able to adapt your treatment style to that individual will help them the most.