The Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm was started 21 years ago in Petaluma by me, Peg Schafer specializing in nursery and field-grown Asian medicinal plants. Experimentation with various cultivation methods lead to a focus on certified organic, wild-simulated herb cultivation. To date more than 260 different Asian medicinals have been trialed from germination through harvest. My team and I maintain a living collection of over 300 Asian medicinal plant species under cultivation, a unique collection of which some are rare and botanically authenticated.

Currently the farm is primarily an educational endeavor and I teach cultivation methods of efficacious medicinal plants budding and established growers as well as Oriental Medicine students and practitioners via on and off-farm workshops. Also included in my endeavors is working with various farm operations and grower/practitioner enterprises, herbal companies, botanic and research institutions and other stakeholder industries. Advice is available for all aspects of medicinal farm, garden or nursery herb production operations as well as marketing applications to foster successful endeavors.

Lectures addressing herb quality, ecological cultivation practices, traditional Chinese herb production, conservation and other issues affecting Chinese herbs at schools of Oriental Medicine, conferences, and community events.

In an effort to reach more people I wrote a book called The Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm A