From an early age, Philippe was fascinated by Eastern culture, lifestyles and bodywork. He began studying yoga in his teens and first travelled through Asia in his twenties. There he encountered shiatsu, which became his lifelong work and passion.

​Shiatsu training
Philippe trained for three years at the International Shiatsu School in Belgium and Switzerland and for another four years at the Du Mai School, where he was also trained to become a teacher. He further studied at the Iokai School in Tokyo. For many years he returned to Japan on a regular basis, studying with experienced teachers to nourish and deepen his practice, before relocating permanently to Japan in 2019.

Philippe is a recognised Shiatsu teacher: he ran a Shiatsu school for 12 years in Sweden, and has been the director of the Shinzui Shiatsu in Belgium since 2006, also travelling extensively to teach at Shiatsu training centers worldwide.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
In parallel, for the past 20 years, Philippe has studied TCM and obtained several diplomas, including the diploma of the Academy of Chinese Medicine Sciences in Beijing.

Thai Massage
He has regularly spent time in Thailand to follow intensive training with the great masters in traditional Thai massage, including 6 months' intensive training in 1995.

Western Manual Therapy
Being fascinated by the body and continually seeking to understand more about its workings, Philippe keeps on studying anatomy and bodywork methods. He has been trained in Craniosacral therapy, Anatomy Trains, Functional Training, Fascia therapy, Visceral Manipulation and more.

Shinzui Bodywork Method
With 30 years of clinical and teaching experience, Philippe has consolidated his knowledge, insights and practical experience to develop his own unique approach: the Shinzui Bodywork Method.

Qi Gong
Philippe has also practiced, studied and taught Qi Gong over the last 20 years and he continues to give Qi Gong classes regularly. He trained in Qi gong at the National Medical Qigong Hospital and Training Centre in Beidaihe, China.