I am a TCM practitioner based in Cologne, Germany. I am a graduate of the Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (ZCMU) in Hangzhou, China, where I majored in Chinese medical Dermatology.

I have been working in the medical field for about 25 years. This includes work in hospitals, laboratories, universities, research and so on – I never did something else. For me, it was always clear that I either want to work with patients or do medical research. Funnily enough, I did both for 15 years before I started my own TCM practice. However, I have always enjoyed traveling to Asia. Plus I wanted to learn a medicine, which is natural, proven and effective and that I could believe in. TCM was a logical result from this thinking process and so I began studying and later practicing TCM.

My particular interest in and the focus of my practice lies on Skin Diseases (Chinese Dermatology), Gynecological Disorders (Chinese Gynecology) and Fertility Treatment. I decided relatively early to specialize in Chinese Dermatology and Chinese Gynecology. This specialization gives me the chance to see the patients I want to see and to get better in both areas. Both fields fit perfectly well to each other. I mainly work with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. I just love what I do.