I’ve always loved a good mystery and solving puzzles is something I do for fun. Another passion of mine is spending time in Nature. How I relished my homework assignments from Worsley when I studied Five Element acupuncture with him in England. A major part of the curriculum was spending time, every day for four years, in Nature, experiencing the elements as they changed throughout the seasons.

Now that I’m using Chinese Astrology for determining Korean Sasang Constitution, I’m seeing a natural landscape in every chart and solving the complex mystery of the person who chose to enter the world at that particular time in the cycle of the rising and falling of yinyang, the nourishing and controlling aspects of the five elements and the coming and going of the seasons.

Hippocrates and Sun Simiao agreed that food should be the first medicine used. I have a passion for going back to the basic tenets of healing. Finding the cause and implementing an appropriate change in diet and exercise is often enough. But if it is not, then I add acupuncture or recommend medicines such as herbs and supplements. I love how this approach empowers the patient, which I believe is crucial to their wellbeing.