I love working at the intersection of music, medicine, and magic. I was playing drums in a jazz-funk band on the road where I was exposed to astrology and decided to leave the road for another adventure. Met Ron Teeguarden and was exposed to Daoist three treasures and tonic herbalism. I am a huge fan of where western herbalists live in conscious communication with the plant teachers who bring about wisdom and healing to humans who have been on this planet for a fraction of the time that our plant brothers and sisters have.

Along the lines of plant communication – I record music and improvisation with plants using a biofeedback-to-music converter. Here is an example: https://soundcloud.com/33-music/aloe. I use these sounds to enhance plant spirit journey work combined with acupuncture. I also just moved to British Columbia interior to be with my wife who is a sound healer. BC also allows me to be in a more direct relationship with the plants I use for healing.

I love theory and transdisciplinary works. My practice feeds into teaching and writing. Oh – I have two earned doctorates, developed to IRBs and led the AAAOM to a single national association and led AOMA Graduate Education to regional accreditation as a level IV doctoral degree-granting institution.