In less than 2 days, a single acupuncture treatment heals a wound that 2 months of conventional treatments couldn’t help.

This case exemplifies the power of Saam, a Korean tradition of acupuncture. I hope this case will inspire more acupuncturists to study Saam and be of interest for those already practicing Saam. A deep understanding of the qualities of the 12 channels of Saam was necessary to come to the correct diagnosis, the key that along with proper treatment unlocks the amazing healing potential of the body.

Kristin Wisgirda

I have been steeping in everything Saam since Toby Daly began teaching this tradition. Now Toby’s teaching assistant, I work closely with him in developing my own offerings. I was the original moderator for the Saam forum on Qiological for 2 years and now have my own Saam mentorship program in the White Pine Circle. Guiding students through cases and the basics of Saam practice is a joy.

I graduated from PCOM San Diego in 1999 and have been practicing in southeastern Massachusetts since.

I am grateful for the opportunity to translate the beautiful world view of our medicine into results-oriented practice.


Here are the Saam teaching opportunities with Kristin:

12 Channels of Saam: Essential Qualities

The course is broken up into 6 easier to assimilate modules and the calls are recorded. A private forum enables those who can’t attend live to ask questions and participate and keep the conversation going between classes.

This class will immediately improve your clinical prowess whether you have just taken the Intro to Saam class or have been practicing for a few years.

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The Bright and the Dull: Eye Observation for Saam Acupuncture (recorded)

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Saam Mentorship with Kristin Wisgirda (ongoing)

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If you're interested in the basic principles of Saam. This is the course for you:

Introduction to Saam Acupuncture with Toby Daly (recorded)

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